About Crystal Summit

Providing fast, affordable website hosting, domain name registration, VPS, hybrid servers, dedicated servers and cloud backup, Crystal Summit was founded in 2009 by Andrew Wheeler with a motive to provide the highest level of customer service, crystal clear support and guidance, together with feature rich and affordable services.

Crystal Summit provides rapid and accurate technical support and a guaranteed 99.9% server uptime. As a client of Crystal Summit you will be provided with all the necessary user guides, tutorials and an extensive support database. You can be rest assured that your website will be in safe hands.

Our suite of hosting packages caters for enterprise level or small businesses, professionals, individual personal websites and students who may need hosting space for course work.

All our hosting packages include 2 years UK domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, web mail, website builder software, free software (value £300), a search engine submission tool and 100’s of templates and images to get you started.

If you’re looking to use open source content management software for your website, or looking to set up a blog site then look no further. With our hosting packages you’ll be able to quickly install software such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal.

At Crystal Summit we are determined to ensure our customers are equipped with all the necessary tools to develop successful websites.

Our Data Centres

The data centre is monitored by cctv both externally and internally. All CCTV images are recorded and stored for 3 months.

Fire protection is provided by the FM200 Fire Suppression System which fills the sealed data centre with gas to extinguish any fire quickly without the use of water and without damage to any equipment.

46u high 1500mm wide x 1000mm deep, cable management system and 80% mesh doors. Cabinets are kept locked at all times.

The data centre is fully climate controlled with N+1 Stultz DX Cybercool Air Conditioning Systems. The system monitors and controls the temperature and humidity levels.

Drip sensors located below floor monitor for any leaks in the system. Cold air is forced underneath raised flooring into the bottom of each server rack, and vacuumed out of the top providing maximum cooling efficiency. The position of each server rack/apparatus is calculated by a dedicated deployment team to further optimise cooling efficiency.

Each rack has two independent power feeds, fed from two diverse connections to the national grid.

Should one or both of these feeds fail 4 x 300kVA Riello UPS (N+1) battery backup systems will cover immediate power requirements. All power to the cabinets is supplied via the UPS to maintain clean supply to the servers.

If mains power is not restored within 10 seconds 3 x N+1 diesel powered generators will start providing full continuous power to the data centre.

Spare fuel for the generators is stored on-site and contracts are in place with fuel companies to deliver continuous emergency fuel for a virtually unlimited amount of time.

The building is surrounded by a 8ft perimeter fence. gates are locked outside of normal business hours.

There are two locking doors to go through for access to each of the separate data halls within DC2. These are locked and can only be opened using Secure Fobs which are only held by named staff.

Why Crystal Summit?


Crystal clear support

Free with all services

We are here to help when you need us.

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Customers come first

What you need is what you get

We focus our business on our customers.

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Great value

Compared to our competitors

All our services are great value for money.

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Grow with us

Even our starter packages come with great features

Our packages are ideal for beginners starting their first website through to SMEs demanding their own powerful ecommerce solution.


Top quality infrastructure

Keeping your data safe 24/7/365

We only use Dell servers in our web hosting platform. Our platform is designed to be highly redundant and all data is stored in network disk arrays.


We put you in control

Use only what you need.

Our systems are highly automated giving you complete control of your services. Our web hosting control panel is one of the most advanced available today.